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Welcome to Gould number plates. (Part of the Gould Group). Established in 1964, Gould’s are one of the largest number plate suppliers in the UK and a founder member of the BNMA (British Numberplate Manufacturers Association).

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- 99% Recyclable

- Lifetime Guarantee


- Aluminium Plate

- Use your existing printer.

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The NEW Ecoplate is here!

The New Gould ECOplate is a reflective, pre-backed onto Aluminium. When the covers are peeled off it leaves an adhesive face which allows the plate to be laminated to the printed dead size films. Registrations and artwork are printed in reverse. The films are usable in all of Gould’s specialised plate printers. All our materials are sourced from long established suppliers, we insist on batch certification to allow traceability of all our plates, we random sample test plates in our inhouse test facility to ensure quality.

Below are just some of the many benefits from using our ECOplate

*99% recyclable product

*Lifetime Guarantee
*Massive reduction of plastic
*Use your current printer.

*Cheaper printing mistakes on film.

*Sharper print clarity.

*Aluminium plates are used all around the world.

*Aluminium construction does not crack or break.


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