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Thermal std oblong printers (Citizen S621)



Gould Autoplates have tried and tested to destruction all the commercially available thermal printers suitable for printing number plates before deciding to use our range of printers. Our thermal printer has by far out lasted their nearest rivals for reliability and build, also importantly proven to be superior in print quality. We feel that in conjunction with our number plate software and our reliable computer systems that this is the easiest, most dependable system available. Gould’s Thermal has the option to be panel fed one plate at a time, or for our volume clients, “reel fed” for large numbers of printed plates.

Our systems can be tailored to suit your company’s needs, password protected, and user identification features can be easily configured to your requirements and should the unthinkable happen, our “technical support” is open 24 hours a day. For further information or to book a trial please contact our sales team.


*Prints standard oblong or Lipped plates
*Extremely user friendly.

*high quality print
*Low maintenance
*Up to 4”/ sec per plate print speed.
*Can be used with a laptop or P.C.
*Small printer footprint
*Prints directly onto reflective or film.

*Reel fed option.

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