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Gould Autoplates and Signs have been making high quality show plates for the motor industry for well over 4 decades. We are proud to supply most of the major car manufacturers, we regularly supply show plates for major manufacturers to use at motor shows and we are used to working to tight deadlines.

Our design team work closely with the customer to ensure the brands or logos on the showplates are exactly as required.

We are able to produce 1 offs and special edition plates for dealers, as well as printing and stocking bulk orders for immediate despatch to the dealer network.


Gould Autoplates have invested heavily in the latest Laser cutting machinery available and drawing on our experience of vehicle shapes and size requirements have built a library of number plates and designs to suit most cars on the roads, this library is ever expanding and we are always keen to work with 

Showplate Fixing Methods

Double sided suction cups

are in packs of 4 (these are used for selling purposes to cover the original number plates with advertising or showplates).


Screws and caps

(or self tappers) come in bags of 150 in white/yellow/black and blue.


Double sided adhesive pads

are in rolls of 150 or 1,000.

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