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Fixings Methods & Frames

Number plate fixings are used to secure the plates to the vehicle. We supply various solutions in different colours and quantities to suit all customer and manufacturer requirements.


Double sided adhesive pads

are in rolls of 150 or 1,000.


Screws and caps

(or self tappers) come in bags of 100 in white/yellow/black and blue.


Polytops screws

are supplied in white/yellow and black in bags of 100.


Double sided suction cups

are in packs of 4 (these are used for selling purposes to cover the original number plates with advertising or showplates).


Head Cleaner Wipes

Perfect for keeping your printer in great condition


Tack Rag

To remove dust and debris from your plates


Nuts and bolts

(usually fitting on motorcycle plates) again are in bags of 100 in yellow or black.


Backing frames and backing lips are used in the area of the number plate to enhance the number plate fixing system and the looks. Our backing frames are available with lips and fit the vast majority of cars. Our lip system comes complete with your company logo or slogan, pre printed or with a self adhesive strip already applied.


Theft resistant screws

available in boxes of 1,000. These are screws with a one way head, making it very hard to remove without the correct equipment. This product has been widely used by the police in their identity theft awareness campaigns.

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