Goulds Laser printers. (Mono or colour options)

Gould Autoplates are experts in Number plate laser printing systems, having tried and tested 100’s of different models we now have the best and most up to date systems available. Our systems are suitable for printing multi size number plates, extremely versatile and by using our specially developed toners you can print directly onto the reflective or film. Coupled with our industry leading software our systems deliver an unbeatable package. Our systems can be set up to suit your company’s needs, password protected, and user identification features can be easily configured to your requirements and should the unthinkable happens, our “technical support” is open 24 hours a day. For further information or to book a test install please click here.

*Prints all number plate sizes.

*High quality print
*Very user friendly
*Low maintenance
*Can be used with a laptop or P.C.
*Small printer footprint
*Prints directly onto the reflective or film.

*Colour or Mono print option.

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