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Our Numberplate print systems


Laser Numberplate Printers

Gould Autoplates are experts in Number plate laser printing systems, having tried and tested 100’s of different models we now have the best and most up to date systems available. Our systems are suitable for printing multi size number plates, extremely versatile and by using our specially developed toners you are able to print directly onto the reflective or film, coupled with our industry leading software our systems deliver an unbeatable package.

Laser System
Will print all number plate sizes
Very user friendly
Low maintenance
Up to 4”/ sec print speeds
Can be used with a laptop or P.C.
Very small printer footprint
Prints directly onto the reflective or film


Thermal Printers

Gould Autoplates have tried and tested to destruction all the commercially available thermal printers suitable for printing number plates before deciding to use our range of printers, they have by far out lasted their nearest rivals, whilst being more expensive they have proved to be the most reliable printers available. We feel that in conjunction with our number plate software and our reliable computer systems that this is the most easy to use, high quality, dependable system on the market today.

Our systems can be set up to suit your companies needs, password protected and user identification features can be easily configured to your requirements and should the unthinkable happens, our help desk is open 24 hours a day.

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