Motorcycle Plates

We have well over two decades experience in the supply of motorcycle self
assembly kits and have hundreds of systems in daily use. We are one of the very few companies who still specialise in the supply of the manual method of
manufacture due to the enormous success of the mini manual first introduced in 2000.

Motorcycle Plate Systems
The mini manual motorcycle kit is the most simple & easy to use
system available. Using a combination of our unique pin system for ease of lamination, our reflective that needs no trimming and our reflective mounted vinyl digits which are user friendly and can be easily removed if you make a mistake. The mini manual is regarded as the best in the industry.

Not all customers wish to make their own plates, whether it being due to lack of staff, insufficient space, costly wastages or simply not enough time. In fact we started making plates and distributing them nationally way before the industry norm changed to being a mostly self assembly business.
All of our systems have been designed to work with the lipped number plate
keeping your company name & contact details in the most prominent position.

Fixings & Frames
Our number plate fixing methods are varied to suit our customers preferences. We supply everything from self tapping screws with colour coded caps, coloured plastic nuts and bolts, theft resistant screws through to the popular adhesive pads.
1mm adhesive pads
Our most popular fixing, designed to be applied onto flat surfaces. Available in packs of 150 or rolls of 2000.
3mm adhesive pads

The same incredible adhesive as used on our market leading 1mm pads, but with more foam for fitting around projections and uneven surfaces.
Self tapping screws and caps or Self tapping screws with a colour coded plastic cap available in Black, White, Yellow and Blue.
Plastic nuts & bolts Colour coded plastic nuts & bolts are available in Black, White and Yellow.

Theft resistant screws Self tapping screw with a one way head, making it very hard to remove without the correct equipment. This product has been widely used by the police in their identity theft awareness campaigns.

motorbike plate

motorbike plate