Colour Laser Printing

Gould’s Oki range, coupled with an Oki 3 year warranty, out-standing print quality and extremely easy to use software, we have found this package an unbeatable solution to customers that wish to not only print coloured plates, but also have ability to print business paper, signs, posters, showroom plates, business cards, even banners!

Our colour printer prints onto a specially produced laser film that is then laminated onto our Metaltek white or yellow plate. These, along with all our products conform the the strict British standards.

The Oki range can be either provided with a PC or Laptop or our program imported onto your choice of PC. As with our other printers, the Oki comes with full technical support.

If you are interested in a demonstration, please call our sales team (01275 853853) or send us an email. ([email protected])

Colour Laser Printer