Foil change on Tec 852 Thermal Printer

How to change the foil/ribbon on our Tec 852 Thermal Printer.

1. Firstly, you may find the diagram on the inside of the printer lid easy to follow – however, if not….. read on!! (Below image on inside of lid)

tec 4



2. Press down the green lever on the right-hand side of the printer head and remove the used foil/ribbon.

tec 1



3. Insert the new roll of ribbon/foil on the back roller push onto spring guide on the right then clip onto the left guide, ensuring that the roll is clipped into the cardboard tooth/notch as shown.

tec 2



4. Next, wrap the foil/ribbon under the head and attach the new cardboard roll onto the upper spool. Manually turn the ribbon/foil using the green wheels on left until taught. Then gently press the head down until the green lever clicks.

tec 3