Citizen 2001printer Foil/Ribbon change

How to change the ribbon/foil on our Citizen 2001 Thermal printer.

1. Press down the blue lever at the side of the printer to release the printing head.




2. Pull off both the spools with the ribbon/foil on.

cit 2



3. Pull out the spools, but KEEP the plain cardboard roll. Unwrap the ribbon/foil and use sellotape to attach the foil/ribbon to the cardboard roll.

cit 3



4.  Insert the spools onto the foil/ribbon and the cardboard roll. Clip back onto the printer with the new roll on the right hand side or back of the printer. The foil will wrap under the printer head so the ribbon loops as shown below.




5.Turn the spool a few turns or until the ribbon/foil runs smoothly. Press the head back down until the blue lever “clicks”. Throw away old ribbon/foil.